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The Rubix LS team is committed to designing digital health tools for faster access to clinical therapies.


Learn what powers us to change the world of healthcare

We provide workflow management, knowledge delivery, analytics, and reporting solutions to our clients. Our technical approach is to optimize clinical trials for inclusivity and curate patient clinical data for real-time analysis to drive positive clinical outcomes.

Enabling Patient Inclusivity for Better Health Outcomes

We encourage diversity in research, providing insights into health disparities, and empowering patients to improve their health. We provide biomedical data access services to biopharmaceutical companies, healthcare enterprises, research institutions and nonprofits across the United States. We are focused on helping our customers better understand their own data to make more informed decisions faster.


Connecting and powering the world’s healthcare data through diversity patient analytics

Our mission is to connect and power the world's healthcare data through diverse patient analytics. We want to fully represent marginalized populations in cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, oncology, infectious and rare disease trials.

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